What should you eat for breakfast before a big race? – FitLive.ie

You don’t want to be at the starting line with a full stomach, but it’s also important you have enough fuel to sustain your energy levels.

If you’re heading to the SPAR Fitlive event this weekend in the Phoenix Park, you have probably spent the past weeks and months training for the day. In your last 24 hours, it’s important you give your body the necessary nutrients.

“One of the most important things for a runner who is training regularly is to stay fuelled and to stay fit, healthy and avoid injury,” says Irish Olympian Mick Clohisey, adding “this means ensuring you are getting enough of the right foods and energy sources during your day.”

The night before is one of the most important meals you’ll have, as it’s a good time to really stock up your energy levels.

“I always eat a fair bit the night before and never go to bed hungry so as I am still slightly fuelled going out, and not running on empty,” he says.

On the day itself you should aim for a small, nutrient-rich meal as well as lots of water.

“This would generally be a bowl of whole grain style cereal with milk and honey. I would also have a small black coffee. I would always drink water with this too, to ensure hydration is adequate. I generally wouldn’t eat too much for digestion purposes but as I said I would always make sure I’ve eaten plenty the night before.”

As with your training regime, the key is finding what works for you.

“As everybody has different schedules and routines, as well as food likes and dislikes, I would consider this aspect of the runner’s lifestyle quite individual and about finding what works best for you,” Mick says.

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