Whether it’s a family thing or something you want to do with your best friend, finding an activity that you enjoy doing with people you enjoy being around is the key to sticking to it, even when winter comes.

This week I’m all about setting goals. Having a goal is another key to successfully sticking with a programme or fitness routine. Whether your goal is calorie burning for a bit of weight loss; to get more active to promote a healthy lifestyle for yourself and your family, or you feel you need to get out more as you have all got a bit lazy, a goal for you and your family is a sure way to help you stick to it.

When setting targets look at short-term goals to keep you focused. Planning something too great or too far away can easily leave you disheartened or simply bored. Planning out a series of goals over a few months can help focus everybody on the task.

If you are just looking to create a good fitness dynamic in the family, why not start planning out fun events that are going to be held over the next month or so until the kids are back at school. You may find it’s easy to stick to the plan even coming back into September. Park Runs are a great way to get up and add a bit of fun competing with other family members.

For goals like calorie burning set simple tasks such as fun exercise programmes, like the one below, over the next two weeks. And also have fun creating healthy recipe ideas.

Remember that benefits and results come from long-term consistency. Investing the time in finding what works for you and your family can be so worthwhile.

Sample circuit

* Lying superman – 20 reps

* Run – 4 lengths

* Glute bridge march – 20 reps

* Sprints – 4 lengths


Lying  superman

1/ Lie face down on the floor with your legs straight and your arms stretched out overhead.

2/ Raise your upper body and legs together, about 15 inches off the floor, hold briefly and then return to the start position by lowering yourself back to the floor.

Glute bridge march

1/ Start by lying on your back with your knees bent, feet flat on the ground and arms by your sides.

2/ Raise your hips up off the floor, so that you have a straight line from the shoulders to the hips.

3/ Raise one leg to a 90-degree angle, then lower it back down and repeat with the opposite leg. Alternate sides as you go.

Curtsey lunge

1/ Start by standing upright with feet hip-width apart.

2/ Step behind and across into a curtsy, lowering your body down towards the ground. Push off the front foot back to the start position and then alternate to the opposite side.

Push ups

1/ Start on your knees or toes, with hands under the chest and back flat in a plank position.

2/ Lower yourself to the ground and then back to start position. Keep the back flat throughout.

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