Moving Forward with your Running –

Moving Forward with your Running

Running can be a very rewarding sport or pastime & what you get out of it is totally an individual thing. Whether it be just to improve general fitness, feel more active, relieve stress or something more competitive like breaking a certain time for 10km it all depends on the individual’s goals.

In saying this having future goals in your running life no matter what they are can be very helpful in ensuring that you keep things going & stay focused & also help you with other everyday life.

In running it can be important to look at the bigger picture; the more long-term as opposed to the immediate quick fix. The key to running improvement is consistency & patience. It is true that when you begin a running programme for the first time you will gain rapid improvements but as time goes on this slows down & improvements are likely to become more gradual. This is the ideal scenario because it is nice to see small improvements but what tends to happen to many new to running is after the initial fast improvements with PBs galore things can plateau & some cases form can drop back. Generally, this can be the result of too much training load too soon; not allowing the body adapt with enough time. People can become frustrated & keep pushing & this leads to injuries etc!

This is not what we want moving forward. It’s is possible to keep the improvements going no matter how small. This is done by a smart, consistent & patient training approach.

For example, if you have a block of training & are aiming for a 5km/10km race as your main end goal of this block; when you have reached this point, don’t feel you need to keep pushing straight away. Take an easy week, recover & draw up your new goals. You will reap the benefits of the previous block of training in the weeks ahead for sure; just allow your body time to absorb this before moving forward & increasing your training load if this is the plan.  Improvements in running can be seen like steps on stairs – stress/recovery/ stress/ recovery & so on.

This type of patient approach is the key to enjoying your running moving forward & avoiding burnout. Don’t be afraid to change things up too. Try new routes, new workouts etc. Keep things fresh – body & mind – and the running will come to you!
Happy running !!