Karl Henry's 10 most important exercises you will ever learn: Week 10 - the plank – FitLive.ie

You now have a complete programme, that has worked out the whole body. You can add these into your current workout or just pick any one to do during the day. They are that simple and will make a huge difference to your day.

Our final exercise is the classic plank. I love the plank, it’s easy to do, effective and is low impact too. If you find the full plank too hard, you can do it on your knees with your shins on the floor as a great beginner version. There are several different versions of this exercise and some can place a huge amount of pressure on your lower back so I always like to start my clients with this one as I feel it is the safest.

Remember it’s always important to mix up your workout with as much change as possible, so change the weight, the exercise or even the combination and you will see the results coming!

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