Friday, March 16, 2018

Glendalough Lap of the Gap Run

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Storm Emma recovering

Still recovering from Storm Emma?

Still recovering from Storm Emma? How to get back in action after a week stuck indoors What a week that was. Seven days of weather chaos - snow, rain, winds and everything else threw the...
Tristan Hand

Try Progressive Training

Ready for better? Try Progressive Training As a Personal Trainer, one of the most common problems that people come to me with is feeling that no matter what they try, they’re never really getting closer...

Seven days, seven marathons – meet Ireland’s running champ

When the offer was first put to Gary Thornton, he knew not to hesitate, realising that if he thought too much about the pain ahead, he'd never even make the start line.Never mind the...

How effective is your Fitbit?

Activity trackers are now the must-have accessory for those aiming to shape-up and lose weight, the "wearable tech" that shows the world you are serious about getting fit.But while many of us now regard...

Siobhan Byrne: Post-workout recovery: listen to your body

This week we will be discussing post-workout recovery and the importance of it for your body.Is recovery really that important?It's easy to get carried away with training when you are in the zone, especially...
repetitive strain

How to avoid repetitive strain injuries at your desk

The office is somewhere that a lot of us spend so much of our time. In today's column, I want to show you simple stretches and techniques that you can use to alleviate the...

16 ways to hit 10,000 steps

Getting in your 10,000 steps, the distance we should all be walking every day for improved health, can seem daunting. It sounds like a lot. And between the commute, the nine hours most of...